Saturday, March 31, 2018 - 17:17 | Thorn Tree

We are flying to Santa Cruz next month, and will attend concerts of the baroque music festival taking place there and in some of the Jesuit mission towns. Has anyone had any recent experience traveling around this region?

We are planning to do the route Santa Cruz-San José de Chiquitos-San Ignacio de Velasco-Santa Cruz.

Is it feasible to do this in a rental car? If we go by local bus, does anyone have recent info on schedules and preferred companies?

Many thanks in...

Saturday, March 31, 2018 - 17:09 | Thorn Tree

My wife and I (US citizens)are traveling to Bolivia next month (April). We decided against risking the visa-on-arrival option and instead applied for our visas through the consulate in Los Angeles. Since the process was quite involved and confusing to boot, I thought fellow voyagers might benefit from our experience.

The consulate in LA (and this seems to be true for other consulates in the US as well) requires applicants to complete an on-line form and then follow up by sending in a...

Friday, March 30, 2018 - 16:33 | Thorn Tree

Hi all :)

I'm planning for a trip to Peru this August and would love to spend a week in Bolivia too... but my main motivation for that is to experience the mirror like effect of Salar de Uyuni. I understand that August is considered dry season, but it seems like the chances of rain are generally low overall (even in rainy season from Dec-Feb)?? Therefore, I am wondering if it is worth it to keep my Peru itinerary flexible just in case?

Has anyone ever experienced the...

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - 18:53 | Thorn Tree

I been trying to buy ticket from Villazon - Tupiza and then Tupiza – Uyuni, when I search with any date it shows me this message "We are sorry but we have not found tickets for this destination or date".

Is there are reason why this showing ?

I respond from saying they "At this moment we do not have any bus or train company working on this route." what are...

Friday, March 23, 2018 - 13:33 | Thorn Tree

Does anyone know if it is possible to travel by bus from La Paz to Cochabamba on Tuesday May 1, which is International Workers' Day? All the bus trips are grayed out for May 1 on the website. I assume this is because the bus companies are not working that day!

We are headed from La Paz to Santa Cruz and would like to break the trip up, by getting as far as Cochabamba on...

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 - 07:47 | Thorn Tree

Hello all! Another post asking for a little help in planning my Bolivian route. I will be traveling to Peru and Bolivia in late July for about 3 weeks all together. Some context: I spent 3 weeks in Peru two years ago, and at the end of my trip spent 5 days in Isla del Sol and La Paz. So I will not be visiting Titicaca this time and that is intentional!

Here is what I have planned thus far:

1 - 4: Cuzco
5: Fly to La Paz in morning
6: La Paz
7: La Paz, night bus...

Sunday, March 18, 2018 - 09:44 | Thorn Tree

I have the possibility of traveling to Santa Cruz in August for a job. I will be traveling alone and am a woman. I have read mixed postings elsewhere about the city being dangerous/not dangerous for women traveling alone. I would love to hear others experience in the city. Also, does anyone know the latest on Yellow Fever there. I know Brazil has some outbreaks there. Thank you.

Last post at: 2018-03-18 16:22:59 UTC
Saturday, March 17, 2018 - 20:45 | Thorn Tree

Hi all
I read that best travel time is may– october. What is your experience with bolivia in dec/jan? Very bad or worth trying? Muchas gracias

Last post at: 2018-03-18 13:23:45 UTC
Sunday, March 11, 2018 - 19:09 | Thorn Tree

Has or does anyone know if there are flights into Rurrenabaque from the airports in Uyuni or potosi?
Trip is in late April

Last post at: 2018-03-12 18:06:59 UTC
Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 16:23 | Thorn Tree

I have done a bit of Google and search in this forum but still not able to get much info. We only have 2 days (8-9 April) at Uyuni (Transports are already booked in and out of Uyuni) and wonder if anyone know about group tours (can't afford the private one) for 2 days 1 night on the salt flat? So far I have only found group tours for 1 day or 3 days. All 2 days tours are private. Anyone been there recently and know able which operator do a group 2 days trip? Much appreciated.

Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 18:44 | Thorn Tree

I plan to travel in Bolivia in september-october. I'd like to visit the South Lipez for 3 days form Uyuni. I've red that one have to be careful with the local travale agencies in Uyuni. So, does someone knows a reliable agency that offers that trip. We are not looking neither for the cheapest nor for the most luxurious ...

Last post at: 2018-03-12 23:32:54 UTC
Monday, March 5, 2018 - 20:14 | Thorn Tree

We are going to Bolivia and Peru in May.
Could you please let us know if this itinerary makes sense/if feasible (transport wise). Comments and tips welcome!
Thanks in advance
Severine & Jerome

Day 0: late arrival in Lima, night close to the airport
Day 1-4: early flight to Cuzco, old town, Sacred Valley, rainbow mountain tbc
Day 5: Moray and Salinas on the way to Ollantaytambo
Day 6: visit Ollantaytambo, afternoon train to Aguas Calientes...

Thursday, March 1, 2018 - 10:04 | Thorn Tree

So i've just booked a trip to spend 4 weeks in Arequipa on a medical placement In August later this year and have just realised that I have a week spare before the trip for some extra travels!! I haven't booked my flights yet (I will be travelling from London, UK) and was wondering if it would be possible/sensible to see the Bolivian Salt flats in the week before going to Arequipa?

I've done lots of research online and I have seen different suggestions including getting...

Thursday, March 1, 2018 - 08:57 | Thorn Tree

Hello everyone! we are trying to organize our itinerary around sud lipez & atacama area. We've found many operators that do the tupiza-uyuni trip and then they continue to calama/san pedro de atacama but, due to our schedule, we are not able to do the trip in that way. We are looking for a trip from tupiza to san pedro de atacama through hito cajon border post, then back to bolivia (hito cajon again), and then up to uyuni through the standard tour path. Since we do not find any...

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