Mittwoch, Oktober 22, 2014 - 20:14 | Thorn Tree

i never used to have bad knees, but after the Salkantay trek in May, i'm having persistent problems with downhills. today we did the Lagunas loop in Huerquehue (Pucon) and by the end of the two hour descent (not particularly steep) my knees were screaming. i could walk for ages on the flat, uphill...

Mittwoch, Oktober 22, 2014 - 18:10 | Thorn Tree


I'm going to Bolivia in November and was wondering what type of clothing would be best to bring.

I normally pack layers and have some light material hiking type trousers. I've read that it gets cold during the night, so what do I bring with me?

Anything out of the ordinary that I might not think of taking?

For reference I'm going to Salar de...

Mittwoch, Oktober 22, 2014 - 17:47 | Thorn Tree

Hi guys,
We are planning 3 weeks trip to Brazil in November this year so in 2 weeks time and we NEED YOUR HELP. This is ours itinerary :
1 flight to Sau Paulo arrive at 7:30 am- flight to Salvador at 14 arriving around 16

Mittwoch, Oktober 22, 2014 - 11:58 | Thorn Tree

I and another nature photographer friend want to experience the Pantanal on a do-it-yourself basis, travelling in our own time, stopping to take photos as we please. We would also like to see a jaguar. Deciding when to go, flying to Cuiaba and hiring a car is easy to organise. Deciding which lodges to book and getting them to answer emails is quite another! Has anybody any tips?

Mittwoch, Oktober 22, 2014 - 11:41 | Thorn Tree


I'm heading down south to climb Aconcagua in January. I would like to bring a bunch of the food I need from home so I don't have to worry about finding and buying stuff in Mendoza.

Does anyone know what I can/can't bring with me in my CHECKED bags?

I'm assuming most prepackaged foods will be fine, but I'm still wondering about some...

Mittwoch, Oktober 22, 2014 - 09:21 | Thorn Tree

Are flight delays to/from Easter Island on LAN airlines common? I am planning a short (2 hour) turn around in Santiago airport before my return flight to the US in Feb 2015. Am I asking for trouble? Any personal experience or helpful websites would be appreciated. I can't wait to visit Chile and Easter Island!

Mittwoch, Oktober 22, 2014 - 05:32 | Thorn Tree

Me (English) and my wife (Indonesian) will be travelling around Ecuador for 3 weeks.
December 30-January 4: Quito Area. January 4-13: Galapagos. January 13-20: Andes Mountains & Volcanoes.

During our 9 days in Galapagos we have 3 days in...

Mittwoch, Oktober 22, 2014 - 05:11 | Thorn Tree

Hi does anyone know any good places in Peru you can volunteer for free? Ideally I'd like to do community development or working with families. Thanks!

Last post at: 2014-10-23 00:29:03 UTC
Mittwoch, Oktober 22, 2014 - 02:41 | Thorn Tree

Hi everyone,

I am looking for any advice on how to tackle the Carretera Austral as a solo female backpacker. While I have backpacked before, this is my first solo trip (and I'm a thorn tree newb), so please excuse my ignorance, its a whole different ball game. I do not have a car, so I am looking to take buses and ferries and not hitchhike. I have researched this (and know there are other posts) but I keep running into a mess of contradicting opinions and routes and stories of...

Mittwoch, Oktober 22, 2014 - 01:18 | Thorn Tree

I have looked into various itineraries excluding Patagonia south / TDP. It seems very affordable to rent a car vs bus and domestic flight tickets. With limited time, it also seems like a convenient way to visit more places at a leisure pace, stopping whenever you want, wherever you choose. I think I could rent a car at various places to use for local exploration but I fear rates would be far...

Dienstag, Oktober 21, 2014 - 23:55 | Thorn Tree

Hola! Estoy planificando un itinerario para viajar alrededor del Calafate. Lo voy a usar de base para mi estancia, pero estoy abierta a sugerencias. Pensé el primer día ver la ciudad, segundo día ir a Perito Moreno y hacer el Big Ice Trekking, tercer día excursión a Torres de Paine y cuarto día algo mas liviano. Ya el quinto salgo en la mañana so no puedo hacer mucho.

Me encantaría ir a...

Dienstag, Oktober 21, 2014 - 21:06 | Thorn Tree

Planning to travel to El Calafate and Ushuaia next year. I live in Brazil and Iam fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English. I have the basic itinerary laid down but iam welcome to...

Dienstag, Oktober 21, 2014 - 19:31 | Thorn Tree

Hi there,

A friend and I are arriving into Bogota on the 30th and would like to get tickets for a concert for the 31st at el Club de Suboficiales Colina Campestre (Calle 138 # 55-38, Bogotá).

Where would you suggest we stay the night of the 30th, considering we are arriving at 11pm and would like...

Dienstag, Oktober 21, 2014 - 19:01 | Thorn Tree

Hi All,
Travelling to South America in a months time, landing in the Buenos Aires International Airport.
We want to go to Iguazu Falls, haven't booked anything, we are waiting til...

Dienstag, Oktober 21, 2014 - 17:14 | Thorn Tree

Hi all,

I've been searching for some info regarding buses / minibuses / shared taxis from Copacabana to La Paz.
The thing is, we've got a plane to catch in La Paz (going to...

Dienstag, Oktober 21, 2014 - 17:00 | Thorn Tree

I will be in the south of Ecuador at Huaquillas and want to peek into Peru and add another country to my checklist. Silly, I know. I have read that immigration facilities are far apart and a hassle. I have also read the area is a free trade zone. My question is this: if I walk over the bridge and have lunch in...

Dienstag, Oktober 21, 2014 - 16:54 | Thorn Tree

Hi gang!
I am going to be in the south of Ecuador and want to peek into Peru to add another country to my checklist. Silly, I know.
I have heard immigration facilities are far apart and a hassle. I have also heard the border is an open trade zone
My question is this: if I just walk over the footbridge into Peru....have...

Dienstag, Oktober 21, 2014 - 14:43 | Thorn Tree


Is there any way of getting to El Morado from central Santiago without an arranged tour? I.e. via bus or similar.

Big thanks for all answers!

Last post at: 2014-10-21 21:27:22 UTC
Dienstag, Oktober 21, 2014 - 12:32 | Thorn Tree

Hi All!
I've gotten some mixed information about obtaining a visa to enter Chile. From what I think I understand, you don't need to apply for one before getting to the country, you just pay an "entry fee" upon arrival. Some of my research is finding that US citizen no longer need to pay this fee. Can any one provide any clarity on this for me?
many thanks!

Last post at: 2014-10-22 01:...
Dienstag, Oktober 21, 2014 - 11:53 | Thorn Tree

You want to go to Paradise. But not the one you see on the postcards. The real Paradise. Where is it? Where should I go? you ask yourself desperately . Calm down my friend…

Last post at: 2014-10-21 15:53:29 UTC


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